sync_files_local: Create local copies of files

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Create local copies of files


Copy files from remote_path to local_path. Parameter files could e.g. be the files defined in a phenodata text file.

This functions, along with the related remove_local_files, help to manage local copies of e.g. mzML files of an experiment and keep them in sync with a central file storage. A typical use case for these functions is: mzML files are kept in a central storage. To setup or run a specific analysis some of these files (those belonging to the experiment) should be copied to a local copy to enable also off-line analyses. Copying files manually can be cumbersome and error prone, this function thus helps to identify and copy the required files. After an analysis local files might again be removed using the remove_local_files function.


sync_files_local(files, remote_path, local_path)

remove_local_files(files, local_path)



character with the file names (including relative paths).


character(1) with the remote location of the files.


character(1) local path where to store the files.


Johannes Rainer


##fls <- c("2018/2018_02/20180203_20000630_NEG.mzML",
##    "2018/2018_02/20180203_20000703_NEG.mzML",
##    "2018/2018_02/20180203_20000735_NEG.mzML")

##sync_files_local(fls, remote_path = "/Users/jo/data",
##    local_path = "/Users/jo/tmp")

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