Man pages for INBO-BMK/INLA
Full Bayesian Analysis of Latent Gaussian Models using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations

arConvert between parameterizations for the AR(p) model
as.inla.mesh.segmentConvert 'sp' curve objects to 'inla.mesh.segment' objects.
barrierFunctions for defining the Barrier models
BivMetaAnalysisBivariate Meta Analysis
Cancer~~ data name/kind ... ~~
collect.resultsCollect results from a inla-call
compare.resultsCompare INLA and MCMC results
contributed-1Computes the standard deviation for the structured (random)...
control.computeControl variables in control.compute
control.expertControl variables in
control.familyControl variables in
control.fixedControl variables in control.fixed
control.groupControl variables in
control.hazardControl variables in control.hazard
control.inlaControl variables in control.inla
control.lincombControl variables in control.lincomb
control.linkControl variables in
control.mixControl variables in control.mix
control.modeControl variables in control.mode
control.predictorControl variables in control.predictor
control.resultsControl variables in control.results
control.updateControl variables in control.update
coxphConvert a Cox proportional hazard model into Poisson...
cpoImproved estimates for the CPO/PIT-values
cutGroup-wise model criticism using node-splitting
debug.graphDebug a graph-file
dev.newOpens a new device
docView documentation
DriversTime series with seasonal effect
EpilRepeated measures on Poisson counts
extract.groupsExtract tagged boundary/internal segments.
fDefine general Gaussian models in the INLA formula
fgnReturn the coefficients in the 3-component AR(1) mixture...
GermanyDisease Mapping
graph.convertINLA utility functions
graph.matrixConstruct a neighbour-matrix from a 'graph'
groupGroup or cluster covariates
hyperparImproved estimates for the hyperparameters
idxConvert indexes
inlaBayesian analysis of structured additive models
inla.CRSCreate a coordinate reference system object
inla.CRSargsShow expanded CRS arguments
inla.dBindBuild a block-diagonal sparse matrix.
inla.diameterDiameter of a point set
inla.extract.elExtract elements by matching name from container objects.
inla.fmesher.smorgCompute various mesh related quantities.
inla.generate.colorsGenerate text RGB color specifications.
inla.identical.CRSTest CRS and inla.CRS for equality
inla.matern.covNumerical evaluation of Matern and related covariance...
inla.mesh.1dFunction space definition objects for 1D SPDE models.
inla.mesh.1d.AMapping matrix for 1D meshes
inla.mesh.2dHigh-quality triangulations
inla.mesh.basisBasis functions for inla.mesh
inla.mesh.boundaryConstraint segment extraction for inla.mesh
inla.mesh.createLow level function for high-quality triangulations
inla.mesh.create.helperHigh-quality triangulations
inla.mesh.derivDirectional derivative matrices for functions on meshes.
inla.mesh.femFinite element matrices
inla.mesh.latticeLattice grids for inla.mesh
inla.mesh.mapCoordinate mappings for 'inla.mesh' projections.
inla.mesh.projectMethods for projecting to/from an inla.mesh
inla.mesh.queryHigh-quality triangulations
inla.mesh.segmentConstraint segments for inla.mesh
inla.nonconvex.hullNonconvex set extensions.
inla.over_sp_meshCheck which mesh triangles are inside a polygon
INLA-packageIntegrated Nested Laplace Approximation
inla.row.kronRow-wise Kronecker products
inla.sensTesting code for sensitivity
inla.simplify.curveRecursive curve simplification.
inla.spde1.createOld SPDE model objects for INLA
inla.spde2.genericGeneric spde2 model creation.
inla.spde2.maternMatern SPDE model object for INLA variance-compensating basis functions
inla.spde2.pcmaternMatern SPDE model object with PC prior for INLA
inla.spde.make.AObservation/prediction matrices for mesh models.
inla.spde.make.block.AObservation matrices for mesh models.
inla.spde.make.indexSPDE model index vector generation
inla.spde.modelsList SPDE models supported by inla.spde objects
inla.spde.precisionPrecision matrices for SPDE models
inla.spde.resultSPDE result extraction from INLA estimation results
inla.spde.sampleSample from SPDE models
inla.spTransformWrapper method for 'sp::spTransform'
inla.stackData stacking for advanced INLA models
jpJoint-prior models
KidneyKidney infection data
knmodelsSpacetime interaction models
knmodels.sampleSpacetime interaction models sampler function
lattice2nodeFunctions to define mapping between a lattice and nodes
LeukThe Leukemia data
lincombCreate linear combinations
lines.inla.mesh.segmentDraw 'inla.mesh.segment' objects.
link-functionsLink functions in INLA
list-modelsList available model components, likelihoods, priors, etc
loadLoad or source a file
marginalFunctions which operates on marginals
mdataCreate an mdata-object for INLA
meshassessmentInteractive mesh building and diagnostics
meshbuilderInteractive mesh building and diagnostics
mesh.componentsCompute connected mesh subsets
modelsValid models in INLA
MunichThe Munich rent data
nmix.lambda.fittedEstimate posterior distributions of fitted lambda values
nwEnglandThe New England map
optionsSet and get global options for INLA
Oral~~ data name/kind ... ~~
param2.matern.origParameter settings for 'inla.spde2.matern' models.
pardisoPARDISO support in R-INLA
pc-arUtility functions for the PC prior for a an AR(p) model
pc-cor0Utility functions for the PC prior for correlation in AR(1)
pc-cor1Utility functions for the PC prior for correlation in AR(1)
pc-cormatUtility functions for the PC prior for a correlation matrix
pc-gammaUtility functions for the PC prior for 'Gamma(1/a, 1/a)'
pc-gammacountUtility functions for the PC prior for the 'gammacount'...
pc-multvarMultivariate PC priors
pc-precUtility functions for the PC prior for the precision
pc-rho0Utility functions for the PC prior for correlation in AR(1)
pc-rho1Utility functions for the PC prior for correlation in AR(1)
pc-tPC-prior for dof in a standarized Student-t
plotDefault INLA plotting
plot.inla.CRSPlot CRS and inla.CRS objects
plot.inla.meshDraw a triangulation mesh object
plot.inla.trimeshLow level triangulation mesh plotting
posterior.sampleGenerate samples from an approximated posterior of a fitted...
PRborderThe PRborder data
printPrint a INLA fit
PRprecThe PRprec data
qControl and view a remote inla-queue
qinvComputes (parts of) the inverse of a SPD sparse matrix
qreorderingCompute the reordering using the GMRFLib implementation
qsampleGenerate samples from a GMRF using the GMRFLib implementation
qsolveSolves linear SPD systems function for merging raw stack information
read.graphRead and write a graph-object
remoteSetup remote computing
reorderingsReorderings methods for sparse matrices
rerunRerun an analysis
residualsKolmogorov-Smirnov Test Plots
rgenericrgeneric models
SalmExtra-Poisson variation in dose-response study
samplerProduce samples from the approximated joint posterior for the...
scale.modelScale an intrinsic GMRF model
ScotlandConditional Autoregressive (CAR) model for disease mapping
SeedsFactorial design
sensitivityCalculate sensitivity measurements
smConvert a matrix or sparse matrix into the sparse formate...
SPDEtoytoy simulated data set for the SPDE tutorial
summarySummary for a INLA fit
summary.inla.meshSummarizing triangular mesh objects
SurgSurgical: Institutional ranking
survCreate a Survival Object for INLA
SurvSimSurvival data
TokyoBinomial time series
upgradeUpgrade the INLA-package
versionShow the version of the INLA-package
ZambiaSemiparametric regression
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