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The aim of the package is to provide interface from R to download various data relevant to Czech Republic directly into R. The data will be classic tabular as well as other types (e.g. spatial data).

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the data will make sense for you, unless you speak Czech or are highly familiar with Czech data sources.


You can install the current version of the package from GitHub using package remotes:



Available here.


# simple RUIAN data for whole state
obce_CR <- load_RUIAN_state(layer = "obce")

# RUIAN data for single settlement
adresy_vyskov <- load_RUIAN_settlement("592889", layer = "adresní místa")

# cadastral data for single cadastral territory
parcely_vyskov <- load_cadastral_territory("788571", layer = "parcely")

# load or save Data50
rivers <- load_Data50(layer = "VodniTok")
folder_communications <- save_Data50("~/data/coomunications", type = "komunikace")

# load or save Data200
waterfalls <- load_Data200(layer = "Vodopad")
folder_water_objects <- save_Data200("~/data/water", type = "Vodopad")

Data sources

Main source of the datasets is portal of Czech open data -

Currently implemented data sources are:

For data from Czech Statistical Office it is best to use the czso (also available on CRAN) which does much better job than the functions that were implemented here.

Details about datasets

RUIAN is described in detail:

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