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Load or save from Data200


Load data from Data200 data source (https://geoportal.cuzk.cz/(S(ijginumejzilvacbfijkylwj))/Default.aspx?mode=TextMeta&side=mapy_data200&text=dSady_mapyData200&head_tab=sekce-02-gp&menu=229). The data can be used only after correctly citing the creator (as per terms of use https://geoportal.cuzk.cz/Dokumenty/Podminky_EN.pdf). The citation is in form "Mapový podklad – Data200, insert year © Český úřad zeměměřický a katastrální, www.cuzk.cz".


load_Data200(layer, WGS84 = FALSE)

save_Data200(path, layer = NULL, type = NULL)

load_Data200_info(english_names = FALSE)



identification of data to extract as character, see details.


convert data to WGS-84 coordinate system? Default FALSE.


character path to store the files to.


character type of layers to save. See details, types are listed in brackets.


change the names of the columns to English. Default FALSE.


The layer can have values from following set, in the bracket is the name of general category (can be used as type in saving the data):

  1. "AdministrativniHraniceLinie" ("Hranice")

  2. "AdministrativniUzemiCentroid" ("Hranice")

  3. "AdministrativniUzemiUTJ" ("Hranice")

  4. "AdministrativniUzemiObce" ("Hranice")

  5. "AdministrativniUzemiOkresy" ("Hranice")

  6. "AdministrativniUzemiKraje" ("Hranice")

  7. "HrazJezNad50m" ("Vodstvo")

  8. "HrazJezPod50m" ("Vodstvo")

  9. "JezeroRybnikVodniNadrz" ("Vodstvo")

  10. "VodniTokPod50m" ("Vodstvo")

  11. "VodniTokNad50m" ("Vodstvo")

  12. "Ostrovy" ("Vodstvo")

  13. "MokrinaBazina" ("Vodstvo")

  14. "Vodopad" ("Vodstvo")

  15. "Prameny1" ("Vodstvo")

  16. "Prameny2" ("Vodstvo")

  17. "OrografickeNazvy" ("Popis")

  18. "GeomorfologickeOblasti" ("Popis")

  19. "GeomorfologickeCelky" ("Popis")

  20. "GeomorfologickePodcelky" ("Popis")

  21. "NarodniParkPrirodniRezervace" ("RuzneObjekty")

  22. "Produktovod" ("RuzneObjekty")

  23. "Vysilac" ("RuzneObjekty")

  24. "VyznamneObjekty" ("RuzneObjekty")

  25. "ProduktovodVyznamneBody" ("RuzneObjekty")

  26. "Vez" ("RuzneObjekty")

  27. "DulLom" ("RuzneObjekty")

  28. "Budova" ("RuzneObjekty")

  29. "ElektrickeVedeni" ("RuzneObjekty")

  30. "Elektrarna" ("RuzneObjekty")

  31. "ObceBody" ("Sidla")

  32. "ObcePolygony" ("Sidla")

  33. "Privoz" ("Doprava")

  34. "PrivozStanice" ("Doprava")

  35. "ZeleznicniPrejezd" ("Doprava")

  36. "Heliport" ("Doprava")

  37. "LanovaDraha" ("Doprava")

  38. "DalnicniOdpocivka" ("Doprava")

  39. "KrizovatkaMimourovnova" ("Doprava")

  40. "LetisteNad40Ha" ("Doprava")

  41. "LetisteNad40HaBod" ("Doprava")

  42. "ZelezniceZastavky" ("Doprava")

  43. "LetistePod40Ha" ("Doprava")

  44. "LodniPristav" ("Doprava")

  45. "PristavaciDraha" ("Doprava")

  46. "Zeleznice" ("Doprava")

  47. "Silnice" ("Doprava")

  48. "LesyPlantaze" ("Vegetace")

  49. "KotovaneBody" ("Relief")

  50. "Vrstevnice" ("Relief")

  51. "SkalniStenaSraz" ("Relief")

  52. "Jeskyne" ("Relief")

  53. "DMR" ("Relief")

  54. "DMRShaded" ("Relief")


"load_Data200" - data.frame with spatial objects (sf) of the specified layer. For layer either "DMR" or "DMRShaded" the output is actually a (raster). "save_Data200" - path to the unzipped files (for layer) or folder (for type), the zipped file is also stored at path (mainly for further use)


  • load_Data200(): Loads single dataset

  • save_Data200(): Download and store layer (and zipped general category) or complete category

  • load_Data200_info(): Load information about layers in Data200.


## Not run: 
waterfalls <- load_Data200(layer = "Vodopad")

## End(Not run)
## Not run: 
folder_water_objects <- save_Data200("~/data/water", type = "Vodopad")

## End(Not run)

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