Man pages for JanCaha/CzechData
Download various datasets (including spatial data) for the Czech Republic

cache_functionsSet and get cache validity time
ciselnik_CSUdata.frame linking codes of CSU to RUIAN codes
generate_Data50_citationGenerate attribution for dataset Data50 od Data200
katastralni_uzemidata.frame of all cadastral territories in Czech Republic
krajedata.frame of all regions(NUTS3) in Czech Republic
load_average_salaryDefunct: Load average salary for specific spatial units
load_cadastral_territoryExtract data from Cadastral map
load_Data200Load or save from Data200
load_Data50Load or save from Data50
load_financial_indicatorsDefunct: Load financial indicators for specific spatial units
load_population_ageDefunct: Load population by age
load_population_settlementsDefunct: Load populations from settlements
load_RUIAN_settlementExtract data from RUIAN
load_RUIAN_stateExtract data from RUIAN for whole Czech Republic
load_SLDB_2011Deprecated: Get information from Czech census in 2011
obcedata.frame of all settlements in Czech Republic
okresydata.frame of all districts (LAU1) in Czech Republic
orpdata.frame of all settlements of type III (orp) in Czech...
pipePipe operator
poudata.frame of all settlements of type II (pou) in Czech...
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