load_RUIAN_settlement: Extract data from RUIAN

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load_RUIAN_settlementR Documentation

Extract data from RUIAN


Extract specific layer, in form of spatial data, from RUIAN for given settlement in Czech Republic. Checks are performed to find out if the provided id is valid for some settlement in Czech Republic.


load_RUIAN_settlement(id, layer = "obec", WGS84 = FALSE)



id of settlement as character


identification of data to extract as character, see details. Default value is "obec"


convert data to WGS-84 coordinate system? Default FALSE.


In case of adress places (using ADRM_B or adresni mista as layer) are checked, the csv file with more attributes is also downloaded and linked to the spatial data layer.

The layer can have values from following set, the value in brackets is alias to full layer name:

  1. "ADRM_B" ("adresni mista")

  2. "CO_B" ("casti obce")

  3. "KATUZE_P" ("katastralni uzemi")

  4. "OBEC_P" ("obec")

  5. "SO_B" ("stavebni objekty")

  6. "UL_L" ("ulice")

  7. "VO_P" ("volebni okrsky")

  8. "ZSJ_P" ("zakladni sidelni jednotky")

  9. "MOMC_P"

  10. "MOP_P"

  11. "SOP_P"

So the codes layer = "CO_B" and layer = "casti obce" are equal.

The values of id follow general pattern of six number with first number being 5.


data.frame with spatial objects (sf) of the specified layer

Information about dataset

More detailed information about data can be found at the provider's website http://atom.cuzk.cz/.


## Not run: 
    adresy_vyskov <- load_RUIAN_settlement("592889", layer = "adresni mista")

## End(Not run)

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