Man pages for JanaJarecki/cogscimodels
Cognitive Models - Estimation, Prediction, and Development of Models for Cognitive Scientists

baselineBaseline models
bayesBayesian Inference Cognitive Model
choicerulesChoicerule Models (action-selection rules)
chr_as_rhsConvert a character to formula
cognitivemodelAdd components to a model
cptCumulative Prospect Theory Models
ebmExemplar-based Cognitive Models
gofComputes Various Model Fit Measures
hm1988Dynamic optimization model for risk-sensitive foraging...
lweiLinear-weighting model
make_parspaceDefine parameter for cognitive models
nosofsky1989Test data for fitting the Exemplar-based categorization model
nparNumber of Parameters, Attributes, and Stimuli
print.csm_constraintPrints the constraints of a cogscimodel object nicely
shortfallShortfall Risky Choice Model
shortfall_cppComputes Predictions in the Shortfall Model
shortfalltestTest data for fitting the Shortfall model
thresholdThreshold Model
utilityUtility Function Models
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