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R package rnaseqviewer is a toolkit for automated, systematic, and integrated RNA-seq differential expression analysis. It has functions for DEG analysis of single dataset and intergrated DEG analysis of multiple DEG analysis. deseq2, edger and ebseq are functions for the DEG detection. Omics_overview, DEG_overview, and multiDEG_overview are functions for systematic visualization of clustering and DEG analysis. vennd, ORA, AutoExtraction and int_heatmap are functions for intergrated functional analysis. It also has two useful functions, kmeansClustering for k-means clustering analysis, and GeneSetConversion for gene symbol conversion from human to mouse.

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Count matrix file format

Count matrix file format must be tab-separated text file(.txt). The replication number is represented by the underbar. Do not use it for anything else.

input format


DEG analysis





#Functions for DEG analysis
deseq2(Row_count_matrix,              #Row count data.txt (NOT normalized count data)
       method = "BH")                 #BH, Qvalue, or IHW 

edger(Row_count_matrix,               #Row count data.txt (NOT normalized count data)
       method = "BH")                 #BH, Qvalue, or IHW 

ebseq(Row_count_matrix)               #Row count data.txt (NOT normalized count data)

#Function for clustering analysis
Omics_overview(Count_matrix,          #normalized count data.txt
               heatmap = TRUE)        #In the case of FALSE, heatmap not shown                        

#Functions for visualization of DEG analysis
DEG_overview(Count_matrix,                            #normalized count data.txt
             DEG_result,                              #result data of EBseq (or DEseq2).txt
             Species = NULL,                          #human or mouse (for enrichment analysis)
             fdr = 0.05, fc = 2, basemean = 0)        #fdr ,fold change, and basemean threshold

multiDEG_overview(Normalized_count_matrix,            #normalized count data.txt
                  EBseq_result,                       #result data of EBseq.txt
                  EBseq_condmeans,                    #result data of EBseq.txt"
                  Species = NULL,                     #human or mouse (for enrichment analysis)
                  fdr = 0.05, fc = 2, basemeam = 0)   #fdr ,fold change, and basemean threshold

#Functions for integrated analysis
#venn diagram analysis 
vennd(gene_list_dir)                  #directory including gene list txt files (up to 7 files)

#Enrichment analysis
ORA(gene_list_dir,                    #directory including gene list txt files
    Species = "human",                #human or mouse 
    color = "qvalue")

#Boxplot and heatmap
AutoExtraction(Count_matrix,          #normalized count data.txt
               Gene_set_dir)          #directory including gene set txt files

#Integration of multiple count matrix files
int_heatmap(Count_matrix_dir,         #Directory including normalized count matrix txt files
            Gene_set,                 #gene set txt file
            pre_zscoring = T)         #option for zscoring before integration of data sets

#Other functions
kmeansClustering(Count_matrix,        #normalized count data.txt
                 Species = NULL,      #Species for enrichment analysis
                 km,                  #number of k-means clustering
                 km_repeats = 10000,  #number of k-means runs to get a consensus k-means clustering
                 basemean =0 )        #basemean threshold

GeneSetConversion(Gene_set_dir)       #directory including gene set txt files


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