Man pages for MangoTheCat/RNMImport
Tools for importing and manipulating NONMEM data

addDerivedCategoricalAdd binned variable to NONMEM object
addedDataGet added data
addVarDescriptionAdd new variable
applyDataSubsetApplies a set of subset expressions to a data.frame
augmentDataSubset-setAdds subset expressions to the subset of an object
augmentDefaultDataSubsetAugments the global default subset by appending the "sub"...
convertFortran95OpsConvert FORTRAN 95 code to FORTRAN 77 code by replacing...
dataSubsetRetrieves the data subset associated with a particular object
dataSubset-setSets the subset of an object
defaultDataSubsetRetrieves the global default subset which is assigned to...
getControlStatementsExtract list of parsed control statement
getEstimateCovReturns variance-covariance matrix, if available, from a...
getFileinfoRetrieve file information
getIterationsExtract parameter estimate iteration information from a given...
getMethodNamesGet method names
getNmFileExtensionsGets allowed NONMEM file extensions
getNmPathGet user path
getNmVersionGets the version of NONMEM used to create compile obj
getObjectiveRetrieve objective function value
getOmegasRetrieve OMEGA estimates, initial values of
getProblemExtract an individual NONMEM problem
getSigmasA generic function that extracts sigma estimates (and initial...
getSimInfoGet Simulation Information
getThetasGet Theta values A generic function that extracts theta...
getVarDescriptionGet a variable
Graphical-SubsettingChange and Retrieve Graphical Subsets
importMethodBlockParse report file #METH text block
importModelOutputTablesImport model tables
importNmImports a NONMEM run based on a control file and an output...
importNm7IterationsImport NONMEM7 parameter iterations from .EXT files
importNm7TablesImport new NONMEM 7 table files
importNmInterImport NONMEM "INTER" file
importNmLstMatrixExtract matrix from a report file
importNmLstVectorReads a "vector" stored in the text of a list file
importNmModParse a NONMEM control file
importNmModInputParse $INPUT statement
importNmModPriorParse PRIOR statement
importNmModSingleProblemImport Single NONMEM problem
importNmModThetaParse $THETA statement
importNmReportImport the information in an output report file
imposeCategoryFormatForces the data in a NONMEM object to conform to the variable...
NMBasicModelNMBasicModel constructor
NMBasicModel-classThis class holds the information for a standard single NONMEM...
NMBasicModelNM7NMBasicModel constructor
nmDataExtract input and / or output data tables from a NONMEM...
nmDatabyVarTypeGet NONMEM data by variable type
NMProblem-classAn S4 class of NMProblem
NMRun-classThis is the basic class for handling a standard NONMEM run....
NMSimDataGen-classThis class handles NONMEM models that have a $SIM statement...
NMSimModel-classThis class holds the results of NONMEM problems that both...
NMSimModelNM7-classThis class holds the results of NONMEM problems that both...
readNmDataRead NONMEM dataset removing any "IGNORE" rows and dealing...
removeNmPathRemove user path
setDefaultDataSubsetModifies the global default subset for loaded objects, and...
setNmFileExtensionsfile allowed file extensions
setNmPathSet new path
setVarDescriptionSet new variable
showOutputShow output table info
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