importNm: Import a NONMEM run

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Imports a NONMEM run based on a control file and an output list file. This function assumes that all of the input and output data tables are in the same directory as the control file, though the input and output tables are allowed to be missing. An object of class NMRun is returned#'


importNm(conFile, reportFile, path, dropInputColumns=TRUE, textReport=FALSE)



Single string with control file name


The name of the report file. In the future this parameter will be optional, in which case importNm will attempt' to deduce the file name on its own based on the name of the conFile and the list file extensions stored in the metadata.


The path where the files are located. Can be the name of a path stored with setNmPath if it is surrounded by round brackets


Logical flag. If TRUE, those columns of the input data flagged for dropping in the $INPUT statement will not be imported with the run


Logical flag. If TRUE, various standard text outputs will be logged to stdReport


An NMRun object that holds the information of the NONMEM run. If input data tables cannot be imported, a warninjg will ne emitted and the input data will be ignored. The same is true if any output table files cannot be found.


The behaviour of this function is fairly complex, due to the intricacies of NONMEM itself. Below we list key behaviours relating to various categories.


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