Man pages for MorrisseyLab/CryptDriftR
Analyse crypt lineage tracing data

CryptDriftR-packageSimulate, analyse and plot crypt clonal data
fitBiasedDriftFit crypt biased stem cell drift model.
fitNeutralDriftFit crypt neutral drift model.
format_exp_dataCalculate proportions with 95% credible interval (confidence...
format_th_dataAdjust theory drift data for plotting
getNeutralDirftParamsMAP estimate of parameters
LinearGillespieRun linear Gillespie simulations. 'LinearGillespie'
plotPosterior_NeutralMCMC inference plots for neutral drift model
plotPosterior_PrMCMC inference plots for biased drift model
plotsBiasDrift_FitPlot data with biased drift model fit
plotsConvergence_BiasedMCMC convergence plots
plotsConvergence_NeutralMCMC convergence plots
plotsNeutralDrift_FitPlot data with neutral drift model fit
rcpparma_hello_worldSet of functions in example RcppArmadillo package
sim_contLabellingSimulate the continuous labelling model using the gillespie...
simulateBiasedDriftDataSimulate data from biased drift model for testing inference.
simulateNeutralDriftDataSimulate data from neutral drift model for testing inference.
th_contLabellingAnalytical approximation to continuous labelling model.
th_contLabelling_slope_and_partialsAnalytical approximation to continuous labelling model, also...
th_PulseChaseAnalytical solution to stem cell label drift model....
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