Man pages for Mystilivia/SDjoygret
Testing R Package

check.list.formatCheck format of dlist
compare_means_lettersStatistical test and letters
compare_means_letters_2Statistical test and letters
dataframe.transformTransform a datamatrix and replace zero
data.ttest3 levels t-test
densplot2 dimension plot with density
dlist.classCheck dlist class
dlist.oplsPerform OPLS and custom plots
dlist.pcaPerform PCA and custom plot
dlist.pca.oldPerform PCA and custom plot
dlist.plot.tabledlist plot table
dlist.ropls.dataReturn a list for plotting ropls results
dlist.ropls.minPerform pca, pls(da) or opls(da) with ropls
dlist_stat_tableDo pairwise statistical tests on dlist
dlist_stat_table1Do pairwise statistical tests on dlist
dlist.subsetSubset list
dlist.summarydlist summary
dlist.transformTransform function for dlist
d.t.transformTransform a datamatrix and replace zero
find.limitsFind scales for plots file for GALAXY
ggplot_opls_vipsPlot OPLS results with VIPs
g_legendGet legend of a ggplot
importWorksheets.xlsImport Excel file to list
import.xls.2Import Excel's sheets to a list
mz.databaseSearch mz values in a database
mz.ppmFormula to return mz +- ppm
plotheme.autoSemi-automatic ggplot theme
roplsplotPlot ropls results
ropls_plot_vipsPlot VIPs from opls object
sacurine.dfSacurine data from ropls
sacurine.dlistSacurine data from ropls
sacurine.dtSacurine data from ropls
sacurine.tblSacurine data from ropls
scale_paretoPareto scaling
sizeGet size of object or list objects
splitdfSplit a dataframe
stat_tableDo pairwise statistical tests on dlist
table_summarySummary on table
testTITLE dlist table format and convert to data.table
transf_glogglog transformation
waters_txtRead and format MassLynx text file
write.csv3Write CSV for Excel Fr
xcmsSet.Result.List3 Levels list from xcmsSet Object
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