Man pages for RichardLaBrie/paRafac_correction
Corrects EEM all at once before using Matlab for PARAFAC

Abs.valExtract CDOM value at chosen nm
BIXCalculate BIX
CDOMFileCorrectionThis function fills gap in missing nanometers between CDOM...
CDOMOverlaySuperimpose all absorbance scan
DeltaEEMSubstract a corrected EEM from another
DilutionFactorMultiply EEMs by their dilution factor
ExportEEMThis function export your data into 1 single txt files that...
FDOMIndicesGeneric functions for commonly used FDOM indices
FICalculate FI
FolderCreationCreates data folder, subfolder and R project
HIXCalculate HIX
NanoSDThis function calculates and plots standard deviation of nano...
PARAFAC.cube.designCombine EEMs produce by the Cary Eclipse fluorometer into a...
PlotAllEEMThis function plot all corrected EEMs
plot.EEM.goSubtract and plot fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix...
read.EEMReads CSV file of EEMs produced by the Cary Eclipe...
RspectroAbsConvertRspectroAbs converter to csv files
SpectralSlopeGenerate the spectral slope for CDOM samples
SrCalculate Sr for CDOM samples
Sr.spectralslopeCalculate Sr for CDOM samples
SUVACalculate SUVA indice
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