Man pages for SESman/rbl
Biologging tools for diving predators in R

agl_meanAngle average
agl_rescaleRescale angle to [-pi; pi]
as.bsmGeneral S3 utils for bsm objects brokenstick model to data.frame
as.sesCreates or tests for 'ses'.
at_kerTest if animal is located around Kerguelen
axisPOSIXctDraw a correct axis for POSIXct objects
biolum_eventsIdentify potential bioluminescence emission events
BioPICBioPIC: bioluminescent event detection tool
biopic.qrBioPIC QR decomposition on a TDR sample
bottom_delimFind the dives' bottom start and end
bottom_delim_bsmDelimitate bottom phase of dive using brokenstick models
bottom_delim_halseyDelimitate bottom phase of dive using wiggles and steps
bottom_delim_stdDelimitate bottom phase of dive using depth threshold
bottom_delim_vspdDelimitate bottom phase of dive using vertical speed...
broadness_indexBroadness index
brokenstickFitting brokenstick models
bsmfitFitter function for brokenstick models
check_nomtchDeal with missing periods
coef.bsmExtract brokenstick models coefficients
composeFunction composition
correct_depthCorrect depth sequence from drift of values over time
correct_duplicated_timeFix duplicates in TDR time stamps
correct_timeFix jumps and duplicates in TDR time stamps
deltaCompute difference between extremes in a set of observations
depth_consistency_indexDepth consistency index between two dives
depth_range_indexDepth Range Index
df_searchSearch recurssively to a data.frame
dive_delimFind the dives start and end
dive_zone_indexCompute goodness of fit of brokenstick models: Dive Zone...
drift_statUse brokensticks to identify potential drifts
dynamic_accDynamic (Body) acceleration DBA
eco.memSubset the slots of bsm objects
elt_delimExtract indices corresponding to a symbol from a "delim"...
entropyShannon entropy index on time at depth proportions
exp10Reciprocal function of base::log10
exsesAn tiny dataset (about 10 days) of an SES equipped with an...
firstReturn first or last element of a list of vector
flatten_listFlatten a list
frontAdd averaged oceonagraphic fronts to an existing plot
gcdGreatest Common Divisor
grapes-bw-grapesSpecial operator to test if numeric values belong to a given...
grapes-c-grapesOperator for function composition
grapes-else-grapesElse special operator
grapes-w-slash-i-grapesx with(in/out) y
indSet and get the current individual
is_dayUse time and location to find if events occured during the...
is_dive_truncatedCheck if a dive profile is complete or truncated
is.injectiveCheck if f: X -> Y is injective
isobathAdd isobaths to an existing plot (Kerguelen area)
kerbathyBathymetry of the Kerguelen area
liLinear interpolation
list_depthDepth of an R object
max_dist_costCost functions for automatic brokenstick models.
max_residualGet the maximun residual of a BSM at a given iteration
min_nCreate a function that return a result if number of valid obs...
nearly_equalVectorized predicate for near equality testing of numerics
nNACount the number of NAs in a vector
no_interpreterSubset dive numbers with values as using indices
numInExtract numbers in character strings
nUNCount the number of unique values in a vector
optBrokenstickFitting automatic brokenstick models
overall_DBAOverall Dynamic Body Acceleration (ODBA)
pca_countCount the number of Prey Catch Attemps (PCA)
perDecompose an atomic vector to its successive values and their...
pitchAttitude angles from static accelation
plot.bsmPlot brokenstick models
plot.dziPlot method for "dzi" objects
plot.tdrplot for TDR data
predict.bsmBrokenstick model predictions
prey_catch_attemptsIdentify Prey Catch attempts
print.bsmPrint method for bsm objects
print.dziPrint method for dzi objects
profCompute temperature profile from TDR recordings
read.wcihImport data from Wildlife Computers ".tab" text files
replaceMissingReplace values in an atomic vector.
rescaleScale a series between two values
residuals.bsmExtract brokenstick model residuals
resizeResize an individual
rollapplyApply a function along a vector or a list
SI_lightConvert Wildlife Computers light values from/to linear W/cm^2...
sofrontsSouthern ocean climatologic fronts
static_accStatic acceleration
straightnessCompute straightness index
summary.bsmPrint summary of a brokenstick model
sun_positionCompute sun azimuth and elevation given a location and a...
swimming_effortCompute swimming effort
symmetry_indexDive/bottom symmetry index
tdrexpandExpand a summary variable to the length of TDR data
tdrplyApply function to subsets of a TDR dataset
time_at_depthCompute the Time Allocation at Depth (TAD) index of a dive
time_resoSampling rate of a TDR dataset
transpColor helpers
ty_delimExtract indices from "delim" table using a regexp-like syntax
ty_interpreterGet detailed parse information from "ty" regular expressions
update.bsmUpdate and Re-fit a brokenstick model
upd_warnUpdate warning column in delim table
vectorial_DBAVectorial Dynamic Body Acceleration (VeDBA)
which.bwMatch values against a data.frame with start and end values
which.diveFind to which specific dive/surface a instant belongs to
which.rowfrom time stamp to row number
which.stickTo which brokenstick segment a point belongs to ?
wigglesCount/Extract wiggles in 2D dataset.
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