Man pages for SRenan/XCIR
Estimating inactivated X chromosome expression

addAnnoRead annotation file
betaBinomXIFit mixture model
BetaConversionConverting beta distribution parameters
CMHCochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
fisherCombineCombine p-values from multiple SNPs
getErrorPlot error and power
getGenicDPGet expression at the gene level
GOIGenes of interest
perm_testPerform a permutation test
plotBBCellFracPlot cell fraction estimates
plot_statusPlot escape across X
plot_status_fractionPlot the fraction of genes in each category
readRNASNPsRead SNPs from RNA-Seq
readXCIRead a list of known inactivated genes
readXVcfRead a vcf file to extract information relevant to XCI
summescapeSummarize escape frequency
XCIR-packageEstimating inactivated X chromosome expression
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