Man pages for TJGorrie/bigmelon
Illumina methylation array analysis for large experiments

app2gdsAppend a MethyLumiSet object to a CoreArray Genomic Data...
backupGdsnCopy gds node to a backup folder within gds object
bigmelon-accessorsBigmelon accessors
bigmelon-internalInternal bigmelon functions
bigmelon-normalizationBigmelon Quantile Normalization methods.
bigmelon-packageWrite large-scale Illumina array datasets to CoreArray...
bumphunterGdsnBumphunter using bigmelon
cantaloupeSmall MethyLumi 450k data sets for testing
combogdsCombine two different gds objects.
eccCell Proportion Estimation using bigmelon
es2gdsCoersion method for MethyLumiSet, RGChannelSet or MethylSet...
finalreport2gdsRead finalreport files and convert to genomic data structure...
gds2mlumiConvert Genomic Data Structure file to Methylumiset or...
GEOtoGDSDownload GEO data and pipe into a gdsfmt object
getquantilesandranksCompute the quantiles and ranks for a given gdsn.node
iaddAdd data from IDAT files for a single barcode to a gds file
pfiltergdsBasic data filtering for Illumina methylation data in gds...
prcompgdsnPrincipal Component Analysis for high-dimensional data
pwodgdsnProbe-Wise Outlier Detection
rankednormDasen Quantile Normalization by storing ranks
redirectChange the location of file 'paths' for row and column names.
wm-portFunctions ported from wateRmelon
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