Man pages for USGS-R/smwrQW
Tools for censored data analysis

addAdd Water-Quality Data
Arith-censoredArithmetic Methods for 'lcens', 'mcens', and 'qw' objects
as.character.lcensCharacter Representations to a Data Frame
as.doubleNumeric Representations
as.lcensLeft-censored Data Conversion
as.mcensMultiply-censored Data Conversion
as.qwWater-quality Data Conversion
atrazine.dfAtrazine Data A dataset of atrazine samples, replicates, and...
atrazine.dlAtrazine Reporting Data A dataset of the reporting and...
atrazine.spkAtrazine Spike Data A dataset of atrazine environmental and...
boxPlotCensStatsNot exported
boxPlot.lcensBox Plot
cCombine Values into a Vector
censKSample.testTest for difference in left-censored samples
censMean.CIMean with Confidence Limits
censMove.1Censored Maintenance of Variance Extension, Type 1
censMulticomp.testMultiple Comparisons
censorMultiply-censored Data Conversion
censoringDescribe Censoring
censorLevelsDescribe Censoring
censppProbability Plotting Positions
censPPCC.testTest for Normality
censQtiles.CIQuantiles with Confidence Limits
censQuantileSample Quantiles
censRegCensored Data Regression
censReg_AMLE.predSupport Function for Censored Regression
censReg.fitSupport Functions for Censored Regression
censStatsMean and Standard Deviation
censSumStatsSummary Statistics
code01Code Censored Values
codeUCode Censored Values
coef.censRegExtract Model Coefficients
Compare-censoredComparison Methods for 'lcens', 'mcens', and 'qw' objects
convert2qwWater-Quality Data
convertFqwWater-Quality Data
dlimitImpute Detection Limits
dotPlot-censoredCensored Data Methods for Function 'dotPlot'
ecdfPlot.lcensEmpirical Distribution Function
extractAIC.censRegExtract AIC from a Fitted Model
fillInEstimate Censored Values
fitted.censRegExtract Model Fitted Values
formatEncode in a Common Format
gehanScoresGehan Test Scores
genWilcox.testTest for Difference in Censored Samples
importNWISqwWater-Quality Data
importQWWater-Quality Data
imputeLessThansImpute Censored Values
is.naMissing Values
kendallATS.testKendall' tau
lcens-classLeft-censored Data
lengthLength of an Object
logLik.censRegExtract Log-Likelihood
makeColNamesColumn Names
Math-censoredMathematical Transform Methods for 'lcens' objects
mcenKMEstimate Statistics
mcenMLEEstimate Statistics
mcenROSEstimate Statistics
mcens-classMutliply-censored Data
mdlAMLEEstimate Statistics
mdlKMEstimate Statistics
mdlKMstatsEstimate Statistics
mdlMLEEstimate Statistics
mdlROSEstimate Statistics
mean.qwArithmetic Mean
meanStatsArithmetic Mean
medianStatsMedian Value
mImputeLessThansImpute Censored Values
multiplyMultiply Water-Quality Data by a Number
nobs.censRegExtract the Number of Observations from a Fit
pairedPratt.testTest for difference in left-censored samples
pcodeColDataSelected USGS parameter Codes
pcodeNWISqwParameter Code Information
pctCensPercent Censored
percentile.lcensEmpirical Cumulative Percent
plot.censRegDiagnostic Plot
plot.qwPlot Water-Quality Data
plot.summary.censRegDiagnostic Plot
powPower Transforms
ppw.testTest for difference in left-censored samples
predict.censRegPredict Values
print.censMCTPrint Results
print.censQuantilePrint Results
print.censRegPrint Results
print.censStatsPrint Results
printDataPrint Values
print.summary.censRegPrint Results
probPlot.lcensProbability Plot
qqPlot.lcensQ-Q Plot
quantileSample Quantiles
qw2mcensConversion to class "mcens"
qw-classWater-quality Data
qwCoalesceReplace missing values
qwRPDRelative Differences
ratioCompute Ratios
rbindQWCombine Data by Rows
readNWQLdlHistorical Reporting Limits
residuals.censRegExtract Model Residuals
rmse.censRegRoot-Mean-Squared Error
sdlFillEstimate Statistics
show-censoredShow Methods for 'WSqw' objects
smwrQW-packageTools for censored water-quality data analysis
sort.censoredSorting Vectors
splitQualSplit Leading Qualifiers
strDisplay Structure
subsetSubset an Object
summarySummarize Data
summary.censRegSummarizing Linear Model Fits
timePlot-censoredCensored Data Methods for Function 'timePlot'
vcov.censRegVariance-Covariance Matrix
ViewInvoke a Data Viewer
vif.censRegVariance Inflation Factors
xyPlot-censoredCensored Data Methods for Function 'xyPlot'
zeqPossible Equality
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