Man pages for Yuande/MBttest
Multiple Beta t-Tests

betaparametabEstimation of Beta Parameters alpha and beta
betaparametVPEstimation of Binomal Parameters V And P in Count Data of RNA...
betaparametwEstimation of proportion weights
betattestBeta t-test
datThe Transcriptomic data and t-test results.
jkttcellJurkat T-cell Transcritomic Data
maplotMA plot of t-values Against Log Mean
mbetattestPerformance of multiple beta t-test on simulated data
MBttest-packageMultiple Beta t-tests
mtprocedureMultiple-Test Procedures
mtpvadjustP-value Adjustment for Multiple Comparisons
oddratioCalculation of Zeta(zeta)
pratioCalculation of Psi(psi)
simulatSimulation Data
skjtSimulated Null Transcriptomic data
smbetattestPerformance of multiple Beta t-test on simulated data
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