Man pages for adelabriere/proFIA
Preprocessing of FIA-HRMS data

acquisitionDirectoryGe the class organization of directory.
analyzeAcquisitionFIAWrapper function for the full FIA analysis workflow.
determiningInjectionZoneFirst guess of the limit of the injection peak.
determiningSizePeak.GeomDetermine the limits of the injection peak in a FIA...
estimateNoiseMSEstimate the noise of a mass spectrometer using multiple MS...
exportDataMatrix-proFIAset-methodExport data matrix.
exportExpressionSet-proFIAset-methodExport proFIAset to ExpressionSet
exportPeakTable-proFIAset-methodExport proFIAset as a peak table.
exportSampleMetadata-proFIAset-methodExport samples metadata.
exportVariableMetadata-proFIAset-methodExport variable metadata.
findBandsFIADetect band in a FIA acquisition
findFIASignalDetect peaks in an FIA acquisition.
findMzGroup-proFIAset-methodfind a group in a FIA experiment.
getInjectionPeakFit an injection peak to an FIA acquisition.
group.FIA-proFIAset-methodGroup the peaks of an FIA acquisition.
impute.FIA-proFIAset-methodFill missing values using the provided method.
impute.KNN_TN-proFIAset-methodFill missing values in the peak table using K-nearest...
impute.randomForest-proFIAset-methodFill missing values in the peak table using random forest.
makeDataMatrix-proFIAset-methodConstruct the data matrix of a proFIAset object.
noiseEstimation-classAn S4 class to represent heteroscedasctic noise of MS.
peaksGroup-proFIAset-methodReturn the peaks corresponding to a group.
plotPlot a summary of an FIA experiment.
plotFlowgrams-proFIAset-methodPlot raw temporal profiles of the selected group.
plotNoisePlot the estimated noise from a proFIAset object.
plotRaw-proFIAset-methodPlotting of raw data
plotSamplePeaks-proFIAset-methodPlot the sample peak of a proFIAset object.
proFIA-packageProcess FIA-HRMS datasets.
proFIAsetProcess FIA experiment.
proFIAset-classAn S4 class to represent an FIA experiments.
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