Man pages for adibender/rFtools
Tools for the analysis of Random Forests (and cforest)

barplot.LevelsVsLayerByMAFbarplot of category frequencies separated by MAF
getAncestryForestretrieves the path from node to root for all (not terminal)...
getAncestryNoderetrieves path from node to root
getAncestryTreeretrieves the path from node to root for all nodes of a tree
getCategoryFrequenciesForestretrieves category frequency information of a forest
getCategoryFrequenciesNoderetrieves the category frequencies for one node
getCategoryFrequenciesTreeretrieves category frequencies for one tree
getLayerForestretrieves the layer of (not terminal) nodes
getLayerTreeretrieves the layer for all nodes of a tree
getLevelsOfSplitVariablesForestreturns the number of different categories
getMAFofSplitVariablesForestreturns the minor allel frequency of the split variables
getMAFofSplitVariablesTreereturns minor allele frequencies
getSplitInformationForestreturns split information on forest
getSplitInformationTreeget split information for all not terminal nodes in tree
getSplitVariablesForestretrieves split variables from forest
getSplitVariablesTreeextract split variables from tree
plot.LevelsVsLayervisualization of levels per layer
plot.LevelsVsLayerByMAFplot levels per layer and minor allel frequency
plot.LevelsVsLayerCFbyMAFplot levels per layer and MAF for conditional forests
plot.SplitVarsByLayerAndMAFvisualize category frequencies of split variable
rFtools-packageTools for the (meta-) analysis of Random Forests
simulateAndSafewraper to create all objects needed for the further (meta-)...
simulateAndTablesimulate and table information in one step
simulateSNPdatasimulate SNP data
tableLevelsVsLayertables levels vs. layer
tableLevelsVsLayerByMAFtable category frequency information by MAF
tableLevelsVsLayerCFbyMAFtable cforest category frequency information by MAF
tableSplitVarLevelsVsLayertable category frequency information for split variables
tableSplitVarLevelsVsLayerByMAFtable category frequencies per layer and MAF
tableSplitVarsByLayerAndMAFtable category frequency information stratified by layer and...
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