Man pages for ash129/LAPP
Ligand Analysis with Physicochemical Properties

convmat.23Amino acid conversion matrix with 23 properties
hla.nameSimplify two-position HLA allotype names
LAPPLAPP list of 3D arrays into a 2D data.frame
LAPP.heatmapPlot or save heatmap for a matrix
LAPP.PCAPerform PCA on HLA features
LAPP.plot.PCA.conPlot PCA contributions
LAPP.plot.PCA.varPlot variances for LAPP PCA
LAPP.tSNEPerform tSNE on HLA features
LAPP.wass.1Calculate the cumulative first Wasserstein metric over...
make.featuresCreate a converted three-dimensional feature array using a...
make.features.listCreate list of feature arrays using a list of list of ligands...
normalizeNormalize feature data and remove uninformative features
rand.9mersRandomly selected nonamer sequences from Uniprot
read.ligand.filesRead in all .txt files in a folder as ligands
renormalizeNormalize feature data and drop features according to how...
wass.1Calculate the first Wasserstein metric (Earth Mover's...
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