Man pages for astrolabediagnostics/orloj
Utilities for the Astrolabe Diagnostics platform

addBackticksAdd backticks to a string.
astrolabeDebrisLabelsAstrolabe debris labels.
beadChannelNamesBead channel names.
calculateFcsDigestCalculate parameter digest for sample.
differentialAbundanceAnalysisDifferential abundance analysis.
experimentCellSubsetChannelStatisticsExperiment cell subset channel statistics.
experimentCellSubsetCountsExperiment cell subset counts.
experimentSummaryAstrolabe experiment summary.
exportPlotExport an orloj plot list.
exportReportExport an orloj report.
fcsExprsGet expression data from sample.
flowPreprocessPreprocess flow cytometry sample.
formatPvalueFormat a p-value or FDR into a nice string.
getCellCountsGet cell counts for a given analysis type.
getCellSubsetLevelsAstrolabe cell subset levels.
importFcsChannelsImport FCS Channel Information.
importFcsFileImport an FCS File.
isSampleTest if a given object is an Astrolabe sample.
jsDivergenceJensen-Shannon Divergence
jsDivergenceMtxJensen-Shannon Divergence Between Matrices
kde2dVecVectorized Two-dimensional Kernel Density Estimation
loadExperimentLoad Astrolabe experiment.
loadSampleLoad Astrolabe sample.
massFindNonBeadEventsFind the indices of non-bead events.
massPreprocessPreprocess mass cytometry sample.
massTransformMassChannelsTransform expression data for mass cytometry sample.
nameVectorName elements of vector with their value
plotBarPlotBar plot object.
plotBoxPlotBox plot object.
plotHeatmapHeat map object.
plotHeatmapAggregateAggregate data and generate a heat map object.
plotScatterPlotScatter plot object.
preprocessPreprocess an Astrolabe sample.
reportBeadsBead report.
reportCellAssignmentsCell assignments report.
reportCellCountsCell counts report.
reportCombineAggregateStatisticsCombined aggregate statistics reports.
reportDifferentialAbundanceAnalysisDifferential abundance analysis report.
sampleCellSubsetChannelStatisticsCell subset channel statistics.
sampleCellSubsetCountsCell subset counts.
sampleSummaryAstrolabe sample summary.
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