Man pages for beast-dev/RBeast
Create BEAST and BEAST2 input files and parse their output

calc_actCalculate the auto-correlation time, alternative...
calc_act_rCalculate the auto-correlation time using only R. Consider...
calc_essCalculates the Effective Sample Size
calc_essesCalculates the Effective Sample Sizes from a parsed BEAST2...
is_posteriorDetermines if the input is a BEAST2 posterior
is_trees_posteriorDetermines if the input is a BEAST2 posterior, as parsed by...
parse_beast_logParses a BEAST2 .log output file
parse_beast_posteriorParses BEAST2 output files to a posterior
parse_beast_state_operatorsParses a BEAST2 .xml.state output file to get only the...
parse_beast_treesParses a BEAST2 .trees output file
read_beast2_treesExtract a list of phylogenies from a BEAST2 posterior file
remove_burn_inRemoved the burn-in from a trace
remove_burn_insRemoved the burn-ins from a data frame
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