Man pages for betsig/branchpointer
Prediction of intronic splicing branchpoints

exonsToIntronsConvert exon annotation GRanges to intron locations
getBranchpointSequenceGet branchpoint sequence features Gets intronic sequence...
getCanonical3SSGet locations of the first five AG 3' splice site motifs
getExonDistsGet the closest 3' and 5' exons
getPPTGet the best polypyramidine tract
getQueryLocFind the closest 3' and 5' exons to a branchpointer query
gtfToExonsConvert GTF file to exon location file
makeBranchpointWindowForExonsMake branchpoint window regions
makeBranchpointWindowForSNPMakes a branchpointer formatted GRanges object from refsnp...
plotBranchpointWindowPlots branchpointer predictions
plotStructurePlots transcript structures
predictBranchpointsPredict branchpoint probability scores
predictionsToSummaryConvert SNP branchpoint predictions across the branchpoint...
readQueryFileRead a query file
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