Man pages for cbaumbach/genFun
Functions For Dealing With Genetic Data

chrExtract chromosome or chunk from file names
chr2intConvert chromosome string to integer
combine_snptestSummarize and combine 'snptest' output by chromosome
convert_to_dosagesConvert matrix of genotype probabilities to dosages
count_per_geneCount number of points per gene
dot_attributesCreate and print dot format node or edge attributes
extract_snpsExtract snps from imputed chunk files
find_genesMap SNPs to genes
genFun-packageFunctions for dealing with genetic data
int2chrConvert chromosome from integer to string
print.gene_ontologyShow gene ontology tree in dot format
read.gene_ontologyCreate tree structure from gene ontology file
read.oboRead gene ontology obo 1.2 file
region_plotPlot snps with gene annotations
snptestRun snptest gwas on multiple cores
unslashRemove trailing slash from directory names
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