QDNAseq: Quantitative DNA sequencing for chromosomal aberrations

This repository contains source code for the R/Bioconductor package QDNAseq. For a description, please see this article, and for usage, the vignette from Bioconductor development version or the latest release

Citing QDNAseq

To cite QDNAseq, please use: Scheinin I, Sie D, Bengtsson H, van de Wiel MA, Olshen AB, van Thuijl HF, van Essen HF, Eijk PP, Rustenburg F, Meijer GA, Reijneveld JC, Wesseling P, Pinkel D, Albertson DG and Ylstra B (2014) DNA copy number analysis of fresh and formalin-fixed specimens by shallow whole-genome sequencing with identification and exclusion of problematic regions in the genome assembly. Genome Research 24: 2022-2032

Software quality

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