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exp3_OHT_ESR1 dataset


Three ER qPLEX-RIME (10plex) experiments were performed to investigate the dynamics of the ER complex assembly upon 4-hydrotamoxifen (OHT) treatment at 2h, 6h and 24h or at 24h post-treatment with the drug-vehicle alone (ethanol). Two biological replicates of each condition were included in each experiment to finally consider a total of six replicates per time point. Additionally, MCF7 cells were treated with OHT or ethanol and cross-linked at 24h post-treatment in each experiment to be used for mock IgG pull-downs and to enable discrimination of non-specific binding in the same experiment. This is a timecourse experiment to study the effect of tamoxifen in ER interactome using qPLEX-RIME method.


An object of class list related to peptides quantification. It consists of qPLEX-RIME data from three experimental runs. Each run contains 10 samples divided into five conditions (IgG, vehicle, tam.2h, tam.6h and tam.24h).


An object of class list related to peptides quantification.

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