Man pages for cstubben/pmcXML
Tools to parse full text XML documents from PMC Open Access

collapse2Collapse a data.frame
findGenesFind gene names
findSpeciesFind species names
findTagsFind locus tags
getSuppGet supplmentary tables
guessTableGuess table formats
listToSolrConvert list to Solr XML
meshTermsList MeSH terms in Pubmed
ncbiPMCSearch NCBI PMC database
parseTagsParse locus tags
path.stringPrint path string
pdf2dfConvert pdf tables to data.frames
pmcLoopLoop through PMC search results
pmcMetadataGet PMC metadata
pmcOAIDownload Open Access articles from PMC
pmcRefFormat PMC references
pmcSuppList and read PMC supplementary files
pmcTableFormat PMC tables as data.frames
pmcTextSplit PMC xml into subsections
pmcXML-internalInternal pmcXML functions
readMarkdownRead markdown file
read.xls2Read Excel files
read.xls.allRead all sheets in Excel files
repeatSubRepeat table subheadings
searchPMCSearch PMC text and tables
seqIdsExpand tag pairs
splitPSplit paragraphs into sentences
unabbrevUnabbreviate genus names
writeLocusWrite mentions to file
yplocusYersinia pestis locus tags
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