Man pages for cttedwards/bdm
Bayesian biomass dynamics model

as.bdmConvert a 'stanfit' object into a 'bdm' object
as.kobeConvert a 'bdm' object to a format suitable for the 'kobe'...
bdm-classClass definition for 'bdm' object
bdmData-classClass containing input data for model run
compilerCompile stan model code in 'bdm' object
cumsumplotPlot cumulative sum of MCMC chain
dynplotPlot estimated dynamics from 'bdm' model fit
getcppReturn C++ code generated by 'rstan'
getlogKExtract an initial value for the carrying capacity
getparamsReturn model parameters (including input data)
getrExtract log-normal parameters for the prior on intrinsic...
getxEstimate an initial vector of depletion values
ggthemeTheme for dignostic plotting using 'ggplot2'
histplotPlot posterior histograms
idxplotPlot the 'bdm' model fit
plot.bdmDataPlot index and harvest data
projectProjection function
samplerFit 'bdm' model
shapeAccess or assign shape of the production function
sigmaoAccess or assign the observation error
sigmapAccess or assign the process error
statusExtract status and reference point estimates
traceplot-bdm-methodTraceplot for MCMC output
updatePriorUpdate priors in 'bdm' model
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