Man pages for cytoscape/r2cytoscape
Functions for Cytoscape Automation

applyLayoutApply a layout to the current network
applyStyleApply a style to the current network
bundleEdgesBundle edges
checkCytoscapeVersionCheck the version of Cytoscape
clearSelectionDeselect all nodes and edges
command2queryCommand string to CyREST query URL
commandHelpCommand Help
commandRunCommand Run
createIgraphFromNetworkCreate an igraph network from a Cytoscape network
createNetworkCreate a network from R objects
createNetworkFromIgraphCreate a Cytoscape network from an igraph network
createStyleCreate a style from components
createSubnetworkCreate subnetwork from existing network
exportImageExports the current network view as an image
exportNetworkExports the current network as a data file
exportStyleExports the current visual style as a data file
getNetworkNameGet the name of a network
getNetworkSuidGet the SUID of a network
getNetworkViewIdGet the network view suid
getNodeTableGet node table
getNodeViewTableGet node view table
getTableColumnsGet table column values
listNetworksList the names of all networks in current session
listStylesList the names of all visual styles
listTableColumnsList names of all columns in a table
listVisualPropertiesList the names and parameters of available Visual Properties
loadTableDataLoads data into Cytoscape tables keyed by row
mapVisualPropertyCreates a mapping between an attribute and a visual property
moveSelectedNodesMove selected nodes
openCySwaggerOpen CySwagger docs in browser
renameNetworkRename network
saveSessionSaves the current Cytoscape session
selectFirstNeighborsSelect first neighbor nodes
selectNodesSelect nodes
setCurrentNetworkSet current network
updateStyleDefaultsUpdates the default values of visual properties in a style
updateStyleDependenciesUpdates the values of dependencies in a style
updateStyleMappingUpdates a visual property mapping in a style
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