Man pages for daijiang/dli55
Functions collected/wrote by Daijiang Li

check_names'check_names' to check plant species names in Wisconsin for...
comm_aExample community data
comm_b#' Example community data
cscore_site'cscore_site' to calculate C-score for each site.
dist_to_df'dist_to_df' convert a distance class object or a matrix to a...
get_pd_alphacalculate alpha phylogenetic diversity
get_pd_betacalculate pairwise beta phylogenetic diversity
logit_tran'logit_tran' to conduct logit-transformation.
multiplot'multiplot' to put ggplot objects in multiple panels
mvpdcalculate MPD and VPD (mean and variance of pairwise...
panel.cor'panel.cor' to plot absolute value of correlations
panel.hist'panel.hist' to plot absolute value of correlations
pcd2pairwise site phylogenetic community dissimilarity (PCD)...
pcd_predPredicted PCD with species pool
pd2Faith's PD
phylo_betapartPhylogenetic beta diversity partition
rand_testRandomization tests
rm_site_noobs'rm_site_noobs' remove site that has no obsrevations of any...
rm_sp_noobs'rm_sp_noobs' remove species that not observed in any site.
simpleCap'simpleCap' to make the first letter to be upper case.
tnrs_match_names_2match taxa names with the Open Tree of Life
tree#' Example phylogeny
var_to_rownames'var_to_rownames' convert a column of a data frame to be row...
wide_by_siteChange long table into wide table for each site
wide_by_site_rarefy'wide_by_site_rarefy' to resample quadrats from survey data
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