Man pages for dakl/clinseqr
Function used to analyze data in the clinseq project

dotPrint a dot every k loops
genomeplotplot a copy number profile
getCNArmSummaryMake a table of CN summary stats per chromosome arm
getCombinedMafGet a combined MAF from a set of reports
getGeneBodyCoverageGet normalized gene body coverage for reports
getGeneExprMatrixGet gene expression from htseq-count
getHSMetricsGet HS Metrics
getIsoformExprMatrixGet isoform expression from sailfish output
getMarkDupsMetricsGet MarkDups Metrics
getOncofuseGet Oncofuse results
getQDNAseqGet segmented CNV data
getReadcountPerChrGet read count per chromsome
getReportsGet a data frame with all reports found in path
getRNAseqMetricsGet normalized gene body coverage for reports
getSailfishMetricsGet metrics from sailfish
makeEmptyDataTableMake an empty data.table from a vector of column names
multiplotMultiple plot function
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