Man pages for davidcoffey/LymphoSeq
Analyze high-throughput sequencing of T and B cell receptors

alignSeqAlign mutliple sequences
bhattacharyyaCoefficientBhattacharyya coefficient
bhattacharyyaMatrixBhattacharyya matrix
chordDiagramVDJChord diagram of VJ or DJ gene associations
clonalRelatednessClonal relatedness
cloneTrackClone tracking plot
commonSeqsCommon sequences in two or more samples
commonSeqsBarCommon sequences bar plot
commonSeqsPlotCommon sequences plot
commonSeqsVennCommon sequences Venn diagram
differentialAbundanceDifferential abundance analysis
exportFastaExport sequences in fasta format
geneFreqGene frequencies
lorenzCurveLorenz curve
mergeFilesMerge files
pairwisePlotPairwise comparison plot
phyloTreeCreate phylogenetic tree
productiveProductive sequences
productiveSeqProductive sequences
readImmunoSeqRead ImmunoSeq files
removeSeqRemove sequence
searchPublishedSearch for T cell receptor beta CDR3 amino acid sequences...
searchSeqSearch for a sequence
seqMatrixSequence matrix
similarityMatrixSimilarity score matrix
similarityScoreSimilarity score
topFreqTop frequencies
topSeqsTop sequences
topSeqsPlotCumulative frequency bar plot of top sequences
uniqueSeqsUnique sequences
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