Man pages for dirmeier/knockout
Analysis of high-throughput RNAi gene perturbation screens

bootstrapCreate a bootstrap sample from a data-set
chisq_statisic_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using a standard...
chisq_statistic-methodsCalculate statistics based on the chi-square-distribution to...
diffuse-methodsSmooth the results from an analysis using network diffusion
diffusion_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using network...
filter-methodsFilter the rows of a knockdown data set
hyper_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using a standard...
hyper_statistic-methodsCalculate statistics based on the hypergeometric-distribution...
knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data
knockdown_lmm_data-classData wrapper for linear-mixed-model knockdown data
knockdown_normalized_data-classData wrapper for normalized knockdown data
knockdown_raw_data-classData wrapper for raw knockdown data
lmm_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using an LMM
lmm-methodsFit an LMM to the data and calculate local false discovery...
mrw_diffusion_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using Markov random...
platesGet the plates of a data-set
plot.knockdown.diffusion.analysedPlot a 'knockdown.diffusion.analysed' object
plot.knockdown.hyper.analysedPlot a 'knockdown.hyper.analysed' object
plot.knockdown.lmm.analysedPlot a 'knockdown.lmm.analysed' object
plot.knockdown.normalized.dataPlot a knockdown data-set
plot.knockdown.platePlot a 'knockdown.plate' object
plot.knockdown.qualityPlot a 'knockdown.quality' object
plot.knockdown.raw.dataPlot a knockdown dataset
plot.knockdown.replicatePlot two 'knockdown.replicate' objects
plot.knockdown.tstatistic.analysedPlot a 'knockdown.tstatistic.analysed' object
preprocess-methodsPre-processing routine for data normalization, summarization...
qualityCalculates per-plate, per-replicate and screen quality scores
replicatesGet the replicates of a data-set
rnaiscreenA sample pan-pathogenic RNAi dataset
selectSelect columns of a knockdown data set
set.lmm.model.dataCreate model data for an LMM
sub-knockdown.plates-numeric-missing-missing-methodExtract parts of an object
subset-methodsExtract parts of an object
tstatisic_knockdown_analysis-classData wrapper for analysed knockdown data using a standard...
t_statistic-methodsCalculate statistics based on the t-test to analyse the data.
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