Man pages for eahrne/SpectroX
Proteotypic peptide selection and SRM/PRM/HRM panel creation

barplotPeptidesPerProteinplot ranking metric vs peptide (per protein) barplot
barplotPetideCountPerProteinplot peptide count per protein
createComplementaryIsotopeLibraryCreate complementary isotope (Arg, Lys H/L) spectral library
createLibrarySpectrumParse spectrum framgment match information listed in MaxQuant...
createSpectralLibraryCreate Spectral Library
digestProteomeGet peptide candidates per protein
getCMDLineOptionsDefine and User Specified Command Line Options
getEmpiricalIRTAdd iRT metric to data.frame
getFragmentSequenceGet Fragment Sub Sequnece
getIRTModelGet linear model predicting iRT as a function retention time...
getPeptidesGet Mz Shift of complementary peptide/fragment ion
getPTMColorsassign colors to ptms
getSearchedModificationsGet list of variable modifiections condsidered by MaxQuant
getUserOptionscheck and return User Specified Command Line Options
parseMaxQuantMSMSParse MaxQuant msms.txt
parseRangeParse range in format 2:4 and return integer vector. Inthis...
parseTargetsFileParse list of target peptides/proteins
plotIRTCalibrationPlot IRT calibration curve
proteotypicPeptideExport# Export top X peptide per protein (ordered by...
skylineExportWrite skyline compatible xls file
spectroDiveExportWrite SpectroDive compatible xls file
spectronautExportWrite Spectronaut compatible xls file
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