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Making Complex Heatmaps

add.AdditiveUnitAdd heatmaps or row annotations to a heatmap list
add_heatmap-dispatchMethod dispatch page for add_heatmap
add_heatmap-HeatmapAnnotation-methodAdd row annotations or heatmaps as a heatmap list
add_heatmap-HeatmapList-methodAdd heatmaps and row annotations to the heatmap list
add_heatmap-Heatmap-methodAdd heatmaps or row annotations as a heatmap list
AdditiveUnitConstructor method for AdditiveUnit class
AdditiveUnit-classAn internal class
adjust_dend_by_leaf_widthAdjust dendrogram based on width of leaves
anno_barplotUsing barplot as annotation
anno_boxplotUsing boxplot as annotation
anno_densityUsing kernel density as annotation
anno_histogramUsing histogram as annotation
anno_linkLink annotation with labels
anno_oncoprint_barplotColumn barplot annotation for oncoPrint
anno_pointsUsing points as annotation
annotation_legend_size-HeatmapList-methodSize of the annotation legend viewport
anno_textUsing text as annotation
ColorMappingConstructor methods for ColorMapping class
ColorMapping-classClass to map values to colors
color_mapping_legend-ColorMapping-methodDraw legend based on color mapping
column_anno_barplotColumn annotation which is represented as barplots
column_anno_boxplotColumn annotation which is represented as boxplots
column_anno_densityColumn annotation which is represented as density plot
column_anno_histogramColumn annotation which is represented as histogram
column_anno_linkColumn annotation which is represented as links
column_anno_pointsColumn annotation which is represented as points
columnAnnotationConstruct column annotations
column_anno_textColumn annotation which is represented as text
column_dend-dispatchMethod dispatch page for column_dend
column_dend-HeatmapList-methodGet column dendrograms from a heatmap list
column_dend-Heatmap-methodGet column dendrograms from a heatmap
column_order-dispatchMethod dispatch page for column_order
column_order-HeatmapList-methodGet column order from a heatmap list
column_order-Heatmap-methodGet column order from a heatmap list
ComplexHeatmap-packageMaking complex heatmap
component_height-dispatchMethod dispatch page for component_height
component_height-HeatmapList-methodHeight of each heatmap list component
component_height-Heatmap-methodHeight of each heatmap component
component_width-dispatchMethod dispatch page for component_width
component_width-HeatmapList-methodWidth of each heatmap list component
component_width-Heatmap-methodWidth of each heatmap component
decorate_annotationDecorate the heatmap annotation
decorate_column_dendDecorate heatmap dendrogram on columns
decorate_column_namesDecorate heatmap column names
decorate_column_titleDecorate heatmap column title
decorate_dendDecorate the heatmap dendrogram
decorate_dimnamesDecorate the heatmap dimension names
decorate_heatmap_bodyDecorate the heatmap body
decorate_row_dendDecorate heatmap dendrogram on rows
decorate_row_namesDecorate heatmap row names
decorate_row_titleDecorate heatmap row title
decorate_titleDecorate the heatmap title
densityHeatmapUse colors to represent density distribution
dist2Calculate pairwise distance from a matrix
draw_annotation-Heatmap-methodDraw column annotations
draw_annotation_legend-HeatmapList-methodDraw legends for all column annotations
draw_dend-Heatmap-methodDraw dendrogram on row or column
draw_dimnames-Heatmap-methodDraw row names or column names
draw-dispatchMethod dispatch page for draw
draw-HeatmapAnnotation-methodDraw the heatmap annotations
draw_heatmap_body-Heatmap-methodDraw the heatmap body
draw_heatmap_legend-HeatmapList-methodDraw legends for all heatmaps
draw_heatmap_list-HeatmapList-methodDraw the list of heatmaps
draw-HeatmapList-methodDraw a list of heatmaps
draw-Heatmap-methodDraw a single heatmap
draw-SingleAnnotation-methodDraw the single annotation
draw_title-dispatchMethod dispatch page for draw_title
draw_title-HeatmapList-methodDraw heatmap list title
draw_title-Heatmap-methodDraw heatmap title
enhanced_basicplotEnhanced version of basic barplot and boxplot
get_color_mapping_list-HeatmapAnnotation-methodGet a list of color mapping objects
get_color_mapping_param_list-HeatmapAnnotation-methodGet a list of color mapping parameters
grid.dendrogramDraw dendrogram under grid system
grid.dendrogram2Draw dendrogram under grid system
HeatmapConstructor method for Heatmap class
HeatmapAnnotationConstructor method for HeatmapAnnotation class
HeatmapAnnotation-classClass for heatmap annotations
Heatmap-classClass for a single heatmap
heatmap_legend_size-HeatmapList-methodSize of the heatmap legend viewport
HeatmapListConstructor method for HeatmapList class
HeatmapList-classClass for a list of heatmaps
ht_global_optGlobal graphic options for heatmaps
is_abs_unitWhether the unit object contains absolute unit
LegendMaking legend grobs
make_column_cluster-Heatmap-methodMake cluster on columns
make_layout-dispatchMethod dispatch page for make_layout
make_layout-HeatmapList-methodMake layout for the complete plot
make_layout-Heatmap-methodMake the layout of a single heatmap
make_row_cluster-Heatmap-methodMake cluster on rows
map_to_colors-ColorMapping-methodMap values to colors
max_text_heightMaximum height of text
max_text_widthMaximum width of text
oncoPrintMake oncoPrint
packLegendPack legends
plotDataFrameQuickly visualize a data frame
prepare-Heatmap-methodPrepare the heatmap
row_anno_barplotRow annotation which is represented as barplots
row_anno_boxplotRow annotation which is represented as boxplots
row_anno_densityRow annotation which is represented as density plot
row_anno_histogramRow annotation which is represented as histogram
row_anno_linkColumn annotation which is represented as links
row_anno_pointsRow annotation which is represented as points
rowAnnotationConstruct row annotations
row_anno_textRow annotation which is represented as text
row_dend-dispatchMethod dispatch page for row_dend
row_dend-HeatmapList-methodGet row dendrograms from a heatmap list
row_dend-Heatmap-methodGet row dendrograms from a heatmap
row_order-dispatchMethod dispatch page for row_order
row_order-HeatmapList-methodGet row order from a heatmap list
row_order-Heatmap-methodGet row order from a heatmap
selectAreaSelect an area in the heatmap
set_component_height-Heatmap-methodSet height of each heatmap component
show-ColorMapping-methodPrint ColorMapping object
show-dispatchMethod dispatch page for show
show-HeatmapAnnotation-methodPrint the Heatmap Annotation object
show-HeatmapList-methodDraw a list of heatmaps with default parameters
show-Heatmap-methodDraw the single heatmap with default parameters
show-SingleAnnotation-methodPrint the SingleAnnotation object
SingleAnnotationConstructor method for SingleAnnotation class
SingleAnnotation-classClass for a single annotation
unify_mat_listUnify a list of matrix
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