Man pages for erictleung/dada2HPCPipe
DADA2 HPC Workflow Wrapper

dada2HPCPipe-packagedada2HPCPipe: DADA2 HPC Workflow Wrapper
do_error_learnLearn Error Rates for Sequences
do_input_stepRead in Data Step
do_quality_stepPlot Quality Profile Step
do_sample_infer_stepDereplicated Data and Infer Sample Sequence Variants
do_taxonomy_stepConstruct Sequence Table, Remove Chimeras, and Assign...
do_track_dada2Construct Sequence Table, Remove Chimeras, and Assign...
extract_sample_idExtract Sample IDs
filter_and_trimFilter and Trim Sample Sequences
filter_by_idFilter Samples by ID
filter_samplesFilter Filtered Samples by Mapping File
getNGet Number of Unique Sequences
read_in_dataRead in Sequence Data
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