leading_edge: Extracts the leading_edge genes from one or more results.

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Only works with FacileFseaTtestAnalysisResult that ran methods = "fgsea". If more than one is passed in, the union of genes in the leading edge will be returned. (or intersection, defined by the combine_by parameter)


leading_edge(..., .combine_by = c("union", "intersect"))



A single (or list of) FacileTtestAnalysisResult objects that have been run with "fgsea" that we will extract the leading edge genes from per geneset.


When multiple FacileTtestAnalysisResult objects are provided in ..., are the leadeing edge genes the "union" of the genes from each geneset across results, or the "intersect"-ion?


FacileFseaTtestAnalysisResult must be passed in as named arguments if there is more than one.

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