Man pages for frankkramer-lab/RCX
R package implementing the Cytoscape Exchange (CX) format

print.RCXPrint a RCX object
rcx_asNewNetworkRemove all interfering NDEx artefacts from RCX object
rcx_aspect_toJSONGenerate JSON data for a single aspect of a RCX object
rcx_fromFileReads an RCX object from a file in CX (JSON) format
rcx_fromJSONCreate RCX object from JSON data
rcxgraph_fromRCXCreate RCXgraph object from RCX object
rcxgraph_toRCXCreate RCX object from RCXgraph object
rcx_newCreate a blank rcx object
rcx_toJSONGenerate JSON data from RCX object
rcx_toRCXgraphCreate RCXgraph object from RCX object
rcx_updateMetaDataUpdating the meta-data of an RCX object
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