Man pages for gmonette/gnew
New functions for spida2

assnAssignment for a pipepline
basisBasis for linear space spanned by the columns of a matrix
coding_functionGeneral coding matrix for factors
droponeDrop one case or cluster
evEvaluate a string
f2LTurns a factor of a PD matrix to a left-triangular factor
f2RTurns a factor of a PD matrix to a right-triangular factor
getGExtract R, G or V matrix in a mixed or GLS model
gnew-packageNew candidate functions for spida2
mygitinstallCustom gitinstall to include vignettes
myinstallCustom install to make vignettes
overlap_distanceDistance between two strings using weighted overlap of words
pdConstruct.pdIndConstruct pdInd object
pdFactor.pdIndFactor of a pdInd object.
pdIndConstruct pdInd object
pdMatrix.pdIndpdMatrix method for pdInd objects
printupPrint a nested data frame
rndRound numeric values in a a data frame
solve.pdIndsolve method for pdInd objects.
tablemissingPatterns of missing values by variable
tonumCharacter to factor
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