Man pages for jacobkimmel/hmR
Heteromotility Data Analysis

anova_featurePerform an ANOVA test for a single feature
helloHello, World!
hmANOVAFeaturesPerforms ANOVAs for each feature in '[email protected]'...
hmCreateCellDatasetCreates a 'CellDataSet' object from a 'heteromotility' object
hmGetDataGets data from a 'heteromotility' object and returns a...
hmHClustPerforms hierarchical clustering and sets '$clust'...
hmMakeObjectBuild a 'heteromotility' data object from a data.frame
hmPCAPerforms PCA on 'data' in a heteromotility object 'hm'
hmPlotFeatureMeansPlots feature means for each group defined by a categorical...
hmPlotPCAPlots PCA
hmPlotPseudotimePlots monocle pseudotiming
hmPlotTSNEPlots TSNE
hmPseudotimePerforms pseudotiming on motility feature data using...
hmScaleDataScales and centers '' in a heteromotility object 'hm'
hmSubsetDataRetrives a subset of cell data in heteromotility object 'hm'
hmTSNEPerforms tSNE on 'pcs' in 'hm'
hmTTestFeaturesPerforms t-tests for each feature in '[email protected]' between groups...
ttest_featurePerform a t-test for a single feature
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