Man pages for jakejh/metapredict
Meta-analysis of gene expression using the elastic net

calcConfusionCvCalculate confusion matrix for cross-validation.
calcConfusionValidationCalculate confusion matrices (or matrix) for validation...
downloadCustomCdfMappingsDownload custom CDF mapping files from Brainarray.
extractExpressionDataExtract the expression matrices containing the desired...
getStudyDataGet the gene expression data for one study.
getStudyDataListGet the gene expression data for multiple studies.
getSupportedPlatformsGet the GPLs for microarray platforms that are currently...
getUnsupportedPlatformsGet the GPLs for unsupported microarray platforms.
installCustomCdfPackagesInstall custom CDF packages from Brainarray.
makeCoefDfMake data.frame of non-zero coefficients from a glmnet model.
makeGlmnetArgsMake arguments for glmnet.
mergeMatchStudyDataMerge gene expression from different platforms that was...
mergeStudyDataMerge gene expression data from multiple studies.
metapredictPredict the response variable in validation datasets.
metapredictCvPerform cross-validation of merged gene expression data.
plotClassProbsCvPlot class probabilities for samples from cross-validation.
plotClassProbsValidationPlot class probabilities for samples from multiple validation...
plotCoefficientsPlot coefficients for a gene expression meta-analysis.
plotExpressionHeatmapPlot heatmap of merged gene expression data.
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