Man pages for jasenfinch/metaboWorkflows
Workflow Project Templates for Metabolomics Analyses

availableWorkflowsAvailable workflows
defineProjectDefine a project directory
defineWorkflowDefine a metabolomics workflow
FilePathInput-accessors'FilePathInput' get and set accessors
FilePathInput-classS4 class for storing file path input information
generateWorkflowGenerate a workflow project directory
glimpseVisualise the workflow targets
GroverInput-accessors'GroverInput' get and set methods
GroverInput-classS4 class for storing grover input information
inputFilePathWorkflow input using file paths
inputGroverWorkflow input using a grover API
manifestWorkflow definition target information
Project-accessors'Project' class get and set methods
Project-classS4 class to store project directory definitions
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
targetCreate a workflow target definition
Target-accessors'Target' class get and set methods
Target-classS4 class to store target a definition
targetsWorkflowWorkflow pipeline targets
validateValidate a workflow definition
Workflow-accessors'Workflow' class get and set methods
workflow-editEdit workflow targets and modules
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