Man pages for jianhong/motifStack
Plot stacked logos for single or multiple DNA, RNA and amino acid sequence

browseMotifsbrowse motifs
browseMotifs-shinyShiny bindings for browseMotifs
colorsetretrieve color setting for logo
DNAmotifAlignmentalign DNA motifs
GeomMotifGeomMotif object
getRankedUniqueMotifsget the unique motif in each category grouped by distance
highlightColadd alpha transparency value to a color
importMatriximport motifs from local files
marker-classClass 'marker'
mergeMotifsmerge multiple motifs
motifCircosplot sequence logo stacks with a radial phylogenic tree and...
motifCloudplot a DNA sequence logo cloud
motifGrobMotif Grob
motifPilesplot sequence logo stacks with a linear phylogenic tree and...
motifSig-classClass '"motifSig"'
motifSig-methods"motifSig" methods
motifSignatureget signatures from motifs
motifStackplot a DNA sequence logo stack
motifStack-packagePlot stacked logos for single or multiple DNA, RNA and amino...
ouNode-classClass 'ouNode'
pcm-classClass '"pcm"'
pcm-methods"pcm" methods
pfm2pwmconvert pfm object to PWM
pfm-classClass '"pfm"'
pfm-methods"pfm" methods
plotAffinityLogoplot affinity logo
plotMotifLogoplot sequence logo
plotMotifLogoAplot sequence logo without
plotMotifLogoStackplot sequence logos stack
plotMotifLogoStackWithTreeplot sequence logos stack with hierarchical cluster tree
plotMotifOverMotifplot motif over another motif
plotMotifStackWithPhylogplot sequence logo stacks with a ape4-style phylogenic tree
plotMotifStackWithRadialPhylogplot sequence logo stacks with a radial phylogenic tree
plotXaxisplot x-axis
plotYaxisplot y-axis
psam-classClass '"psam"'
psam-methods"psam" methods
readPCMread pcm from a path
reorderUPGMAtreere-order UPGMA tree
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