Man pages for jsilve24/philr
Phylogenetic partitioning based ILR transform for metagenomics data

buildilrBasepWeighted ILR Contrast Matrix
calculate.blwCalculate Branch Length Weightings for ILR Coordinates
convert_to_longConverts wide format ILR transformed data to long format
g.colMeansGeometric Means of Columns
g.rowMeansWeighted Geometric Means of Rows
mean_dist_to_tipsMean distance from internal nodes to descendant tips
name.balanceName a balance (coordinate) based on taxonomy
named_rtreeGenerate random tree with named internal nodes
name_nodenumber_conversionConvert between node/tip labels and integer node numbers
philrData transformation and driver of PhILR.
philrInvInverse of PhILR Transform
phylo2sbpCreate Sequential Binary Partition from Phylogenetic Tree
shiftShift data to origin given by p
weighted_clrWeighted CLR Transform
weighted_ilrWeighted ILR Transform
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