Man pages for kkholst/lava
Latent Variable Models

addvarAdd variable to (model) object
backdoorBackdoor criterion
baptizeLabel elements of object
binomial.rdDefine constant risk difference or relative risk association...
blockdiagCombine matrices to block diagonal structure
bmdLongitudinal Bone Mineral Density Data (Wide format)
bootstrapGeneric bootstrap method
bootstrap.lvmCalculate bootstrap estimates of a lvm object
brisaSimulated data
ByApply a Function to a Data Frame Split by Factors
calciumLongitudinal Bone Mineral Density Data
cancelGeneric cancel method
childrenExtract children or parent elements of object
clickIdentify points on plot
closed.testingClosed testing procedure
ColGenerate a transparent RGB color
colorbarAdd color-bar to plot
CombineReport estimates across different models
commutationFinds the unique commutation matrix
compareStatistical tests
complikComposite Likelihood for probit latent variable models
confbandAdd Confidence limits bar to plot
confint.lvmfitCalculate confidence limits for parameters
confpredConformal prediction
constrain-setAdd non-linear constraints to latent variable model
contrCreate contrast matrix
correlationGeneric method for extracting correlation coefficients of...
covarianceAdd covariance structure to Latent Variable Model
csplitSplit data into folds
curlyAdds curly brackets to plot
devcoordsReturns device-coordinates and plot-region
diagtestCalculate diagnostic tests for 2x2 table
dsep.lvmCheck d-separation criterion
equivalenceIdentify candidates of equivalent models
estimate.defaultEstimation of functional of parameters
estimate.lvmEstimation of parameters in a Latent Variable Model (lvm)
eventTimeAdd an observed event time outcome to a latent variable...
ExpandCreate a Data Frame from All Combinations of Factors
getMplusRead Mplus output
getSASRead SAS output
gofExtract model summaries and GOF statistics for model object
GraphExtract graph
GrepFinds elements in vector or column-names in data.frame/matrix
hubbleHubble data
hubble2Hubble data
ICExtract i.i.d. decomposition (influence function) from model...
iidExtract i.i.d. decomposition from model object
imagesOrganize several image calls (for visualizing categorical...
interceptFix mean parameters in 'lvm'-object
internalFor internal use
intervention.lvmDefine intervention
ksmooth2Plot/estimate surface
labels-setDefine labels of graph
lava.optionsSet global options for 'lava'
lava-packageEstimation and simulation of latent variable models
lvmInitialize new latent variable model
makemissingCreate random missing data
measurement.errorTwo-stage (non-linear) measurement error
MissingMissing value generator
missingdataMissing data example
mixtureEstimate mixture latent variable model.
ModelExtract model
modelsearchModel searching
multinomialEstimate probabilities in contingency table
mvnmixEstimate mixture latent variable model
NA2xConvert to/from NA
nldataExample data (nonlinear model)
NRNewton-Raphson method
nsemExample SEM data (nonlinear)
op_concatConcatenation operator
op_matchMatching operator (x not in y) oposed to the '%in%'-operator...
ordinal-setDefine variables as ordinal
ordregUnivariate cumulative link regression models
parposGeneric method for finding indeces of model parameters
partialcorCalculate partial correlations
pathExtract pathways in model graph
pcorPolychoric correlation
PDDose response calculation for binomial regression models
pdfconvertConvert pdf to raster format
plotConfPlot regression lines
plot.estimatePlot method for 'estimate' objects
plot.lvmPlot path diagram
plot.simPlot method for simulation 'sim' objects
predictlvmPredict function for latent variable models
predict.lvmPrediction in structural equation models
PrintGeneric print method
Range.lvmDefine range constraints of parameters
rbind.SurvAppending 'Surv' objects
regression-setAdd regression association to latent variable model
revdiagCreate/extract 'reverse'-diagonal matrix or off-diagonal...
rmvarRemove variables from (model) object.
rotate2Performs a rotation in the plane
scheffeCalculate simultaneous confidence limits by Scheffe's method
semdataExample SEM data
serotoninSerotonin data
simSimulate model
sim.defaultMonte Carlo simulation
spaghettiSpaghetti plot
stack.estimateStack estimating equations
subset.lvmExtract subset of latent variable model
summary.simSummary method for 'sim' objects
timedepTime-dependent parameters
toformulaConverts strings to formula
trTrace operator
trimTrim string of (leading/trailing/all) white spaces
twindataTwin menarche data
twostageTwo-stage estimator
twostageCVCross-validated two-stage estimator
twostage.lvmfitTwo-stage estimator (non-linear SEM)
varsExtract variable names from latent variable model
vecvec operator
waitWait for user input (keyboard or mouse)
wkmWeighted K-means
wrapvecWrap vector
zibregRegression model for binomial data with unkown group of...
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