Man pages for kstreet13/slingshot
Tools for ordering single-cell sequencing

clusterLabelsReturns the cluster labels
connectivityReturns the connectivity matrix
curveControlReturns the curve control parameters
curvesReturns the principal curves
getCurvesConstruct Smooth Lineage Curves
getLineagesInfer Lineage Structure from Clustered Samples
lineageControlReturns the lineage control parameters
lineagesReturns the lineages
newSlingshotDataSetInitialize an object of class 'SlingshotDataSet'
pairs-SlingshotDataSetPairs plot of Slingshot output
plotGenePseudotimePlot Gene Expression by Pseudotime
pseudotimeGet Slingshot pseudotime values
reducedDimReturns the reduced dimensional representation of a dataset.
slingshotPerform lineage inference with Slingshot
SlingshotDataSet-classClass 'SlingshotDataSet'
SlingshotDataSet-plotPlot Slingshot output
SlingshotDataSet-plot3dPlot Slingshot output in 3D
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