Man pages for kstreet13/slingshot
Tools for ordering single-cell sequencing

as.PseudotimeOrderingConversion to PseudotimeOrdering
as.SlingshotDataSetConversion to SlingshotDataSet
embedCurvesEmbed trajectory in new space
getCurvesConstruct Simultaneous Principal Curves
getLineagesInfer Lineage Structure from Clustered Samples
newSlingshotDataSetInitialize an object of class 'SlingshotDataSet'
pairs-SlingshotDataSetPairs plot of Slingshot output
plot3d-SlingshotDataSetPlot Slingshot output in 3D
plot-SlingshotDataSetPlot Slingshot output
predict.SlingshotDataSetPredict from a Slingshot model
slingBranchGraphConstruct graph of slingshot branch labels
slingBranchIDGet slingshot branch labels
slingClusterLabelsExtract cluster labels used by Slingshot
slingCurvesExtract simultaneous principal curves
slingLineagesExtract the Slingshot lineages
slingMSTExtract Slingshot minimum spanning tree
slingParamsMethods for parameters used by Slingshot
slingPseudotimeGet Slingshot pseudotime values
slingReducedDimExtract dimensionality reduction used by Slingshot
slingshotPerform trajectory inference with Slingshot
SlingshotDataSetExtract Slingshot output
SlingshotDataSet-classClass 'SlingshotDataSet'
slingshotExampleBifurcating lineages data
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