annot_circular: Transfer information about circular chromosomes between...

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Internal use, called after calling subset_annot.


annot_circular(Genome, annot)



Either a BSgenome or a XStringSet object of genomic sequences, where the intronic sequences will be extracted from. Use genomeStyles to check which styles are supported for your organism of interest; supported styles can be interconverted. If the style in your genome or annotation is not supported, then the style of chromosome names in the genome and annotation should be manually set to be consistent.


Genome annotation, an object of a class with a seqlevels method, such as GRanges, TxDb, and EnsDb.


If neither genome nor annotation indicates which chromosome is circular, then the input will be returned unchanged. If only one of genome and annotation has such information, then it will be transferred to the one that does not. If both do have such information, the information from the genome will be transferred to the annotation if they're different.

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