Man pages for livioivil/neuR
R package for neuroscience data processing and statistical analysis of neuro-data

add.neuR.functadd funct to neuR-object
add.neuR.mapadd volume to neuR-object
brain_mapbrain map of given values
compute.ircComputes IRC (intra run correlation) of a neuR-object
compute.irhComputes IRH (intra run homogeneity) of a neuR-object
compute.pcsComputes principal components for each voxel/channel of a...
compute.testComputes Tests in a neuR-object
compute_weighted_PComputes weighted p-values (and T) of a neuR-object
dim.mapdim of a given map
extract_vxlsextract_vxls extract_tc
get.neuR.mapget functions to compute maps neuR-object
names.mapdimnames of the maps
neuRneuR: R package for neuroscience data processing and...
neuR.object-classAn S4 class to store fNIRS, fMRI, EEG data
nvoxelsNumber of voxels of an neuR-object
read.fMRI.dataReads .nii and .img/.hdr file data and save to neuR-object
reshapeTcs2blocksReshapes D@data$tcs in a 3D (time X voxel/channel X block)
summary.mapsummary of all maps
write.volumeswrites .nii and .img/.hdr file file from a neuR-object
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