Man pages for lunge111/intSEQ
Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-seq Data with Integrated Likelihood Method

conditionThe conditions of Mont&pick data
count.dataThe count table of Montgomery and Pickrell data.
edgeR.QL.runningImplement Quasi likelihood method by default settings.
HessianHessian matrix with respect to the dispersion.
intSEQImplement integrated likelihood ratio test.
intSEQ-packageDifferential Analysis of RNA-seq Data with Integrated...
joint.likeCalculate the joint likelihood
joint.likelihoodCalculate the joint likelihood of a vector of dispersion.
likelihoodpercondThe likelihood in each group.
limma.trans.runningTransformation method with limma.
limma.voom.runningImplement voom with limma by default settings.
marginal.LRCalculate the integrated likelihood ratio.
mednormMedian normalization method for limma trans.
NBsimuGenerate synthetic RNA-seq data.
pcutCalculate the proportion of rejections for given levels.
plotCompPlot the simulation comparison results.
ran.nbGenerate negative binomial random samples.
ran.poiGenerate Poisson random sample.
sample.nbGenerate negative binomial count table random sample.
showShow the result of 'intSEQ'
simuCompSimulation for the four methods and compare the p value.
summarySummary of comparison results.
tran1The transformation function of limma.trans.
tran.estEstimate the coefficient in limma trans.
tran.regThe regression part of limma trans.
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